ABB Soft Start

ABB's soft starters increase a motor's lifetime by protecting it from electrical stresses. They do so by letting you optimize starting currents that with conventional starting methods put lots of stress on the motor. With many built-in motor protection features, your motor is safe in its hands. ABB's soft starters are also installation-friendly and can cut your assembly and startup time by being easy to use and easy to learn. With everything that you need in one unit, from bypass contactor to overload protection, a single soft starter makes for a compact and complete starting solution. Furthermore, with many application specific features, ABB's soft starters can ultimately help you increase productivity. Torque control, pump cleaning and many more features let you do more than simply soft starting.


Main benefits

  • Secure motor reliability
  • Improve installation efficiency
  • Increase application productivity.


Main features 

  • ABB's soft starters cover any motor application from 3 A to 2160 A
  • Reduced starting current and less electrical stress on the motor and the network
  • Fast and easy to install and set-up with a small footprint
  • Reduced mechanical wear and tear on mechanical equipment.


At Campbell electric motors we stock the PSR range up to and including 15kw

And the PSE range from 11kw up to and including 75kw.


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